Art Conference Recap, Part 2

CAEA Fall Art Conference Oct. 8-10, 2009 (continued)

nature art prints

shadow drawing

cover collage

*6″ x 6″Strathmore Artist Canvas pads transformed into nature sketchbooks.  The overall theme was to create texture and only use black and white.  I ventured into color and  had fun drawing shadow weeds outside (I definitely want to continue that idea).  I also collected some leaves and printed/painted around them in the top pic.  In addition, I discovered the beauty of layering that thin paper you get from the bakery – you know the kind they use to pull the bagel out.  Works like a charm in collages!


more milagres

milagres and niches

*I loved this simple yet stunning lesson on Milagres.  I failed to get a photo of my finished product but it was so fun to use the artist foil and just staple away to the watercolor creations.  Milagres have some deeper history but the lesson I would present would be something a long the lines of an event or occation that was expected or unlikely that actually occurs.  Such as, a lost dog coming home, an almost spider bite, a restored relationship, etc.  I made mine about getting my teaching job – what a milagre!  I’ll try to share it soon.

lamb's wool

layered lamb’s wool befores…

flower power

starry wool

HOT water, soap, and agitation afters…felted flower

vincent van felt

*Tambrie and I had a blast at our first attempts with felting.  I love the way Tams flower turned out and I was mostly pleased with my Starry Night rendition.  Turns out it is super simple and FUN!  We went pretty literal with our interpretations but others were a little more abstract.

felt lines

van gogh-esk


Pretty cool, right?  You can also make felted beads and so much more.  Gonna save some pennies in the budget to try this one of the older grades.

So these were the biggies – I did make a clay whistle and tried my hand at sgrafitto pottery/glaze.  Both were great but I forget to take any pics.

TODAY: So, I tried out my thoughts from this conference today at school.  We reviewed some learned skills and then I let them have a “studio” day in which I had gathered up a random assortment of our recycle box materials, threw in some leaves, plastic grocery bags, and a giant box of scrap paper.  I offered tape, glue, staples, whatever they could find and let them at it.  They did such a fun job making anything from collages, crowns, plastic bag ghosts, people sculptures from plastic salad containers and more.  It was pretty funny.  I have to admit it was a little hard to let go of some classroom cleanliness control – they had that stuff everywhere and some of their creations did just look like junk BUT it was so good to see and hear them problem solving and creating their very own ideas.  One little shy guy even made a cardboard dog complete with bubble wrap for a head/mouth.  He would pop a bubble to make it “bark”.  Pretty ingenuous.   I won’t do this everyday (I don’t have enough recycle)  but this was definitely a winner of a day.


2 responses

  1. Tambrie

    Yay! I am part of your blog! I thikn I could become addicted to it!

    So, I was thinking… the bakery paper… could we also use it for the Filipino Parol? The transparency would be nice but is it strong enough?

    Thanks Jen!

    October 14, 2009 at 11:41 p

    • Jen

      I dunno – I was wondering if parchment paper would work? I think it is pretty strong and transparent and it isn’t too expensive for a roll from WalMart?

      October 14, 2009 at 12:22 p

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