seeking sunshine

light left

*Taking pictures while driving is totally safe.

Today was one of those long days where you don’t need your sunglasses because you drive to work before it is very light out and you drive home from work as the sun has set.  Loooong day.  I am still not complaining because I know I will be living it up at my conference on Thursday and Friday, but man….the price I pay for that freedom.

I have been battling a bit of a respiratory something since the end of last week and I was not sure my voice was going to hold out at the end of the today.  There was a point when I had a parent volunteer waiting for me, a student volunteer who stopped in, a disobedient first grader who refused to move to a different table, and a class of 27 first graders all waiting for my next move.  And, to be honest, I stood in the middle of that class and thought to myself, “I don’t know if I will make it”.  I know that sounds dramatic but on top of an already trying day of talkative kids I really thought, I wonder what would happen if I just stopped and sat down?  Needless to say, we all took a little time out and the kids put their heads down for two minutes.  They needed it.  I needed it.  And we all felt just a wee bit better momentarily.

light spot

When that class left, I sat at my desk staring at the light shining in onto the floor of my classroom.  I love that time of day – a time when quiet comes back and I am free to get my to-do’s done.  I sat there for long enough to realize I had been staring at that light spot for too long.


I looked around at the stacked chairs and knew I had to get some fresh air if i was going to tackle that list of things to be done before tomorrow.  So I left.  I drove to the nearest Starbucks.  I know what you’re thinking…that girl and her Starbucks, she should just work there!  Yea, been there done that, remember?

So anyways, I found some solice in finding some sunshine.

fake flowers

I also found this funny sunshine in the form of fake flowers planted outside the friendly Sonic.  Made me laugh out loud.

I headed back to school and worked until 6:30.  Did I mention our art fundraiser projects have to go out this week?  Did I mention I will be gone for two days?  Did I mention grades are due on Monday?  Did I mention I have 600 students to give grades to and I am lucky to even remember all of their names at this point?  Can you say slightly overwhelmed but trying desperately to live in the sunshine and not the weeds???????

Right, the sunshine.

Yea, I’m still trying to find my flow.  But days like this?…they make finding the flow seem foreign.  We’ll get there…every once in a blue moon I get a little taste of that flow and it is sweet.  Darn this Fall season.  So hard to live in the sunshine and find the flow.


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