can’t think of anything clever because I’m tired title

Something SomeTHINGS to smile about:

1.  My mom took a cue from my blog and handmade me this sweet lunch sack from this post.  And, my dad sent along some yummy candy in my care package.  So thoughtful!


2.  The new VIA coffee from Starbucks tastes mighty fine in my birthday mug from Ron (thanks, Aunt Robin!)  I have fond memories of spending time with him at Craig Hospital but I’m so glad he’s back in KC and living a comfortable life.

craig mug

3.  Can’t seem to quite satisfy my sweet tooth with this all natural version of Arizona Tea.  Xing Tea is made with pure cane sugar and no high fructose corn syrup – I wish it was made with evaporated cane juice but it’s pretty pure otherwise.  And, upon further investigation, it is a Denver based company original!  MMMmmmm, ginseng and honey, so good.


4.  This song by The Avett Brothers.  I heard it on the radio and it was instant love – good words and melody AND piano, love.

I and Love and You

5.  Short work week – although I’m working triple time just to get things done, I will be headed to Breckenridge on Thursday AM with some coffee in hand and a great art teacher friend for the annual Fall Art Conference.  Whooohooo.  Here’s to getting new ideas and new life breathed in me just in the time of year when things start to get heavy.



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