I got my camera back from repair!  While it still needs some tweaking on the settings since it was reset and repaired, I am so giddy to have it back in my hands.

We took an evening walk nearby which just so happened to be the last place I was able to take pictures before the break back in August.

Despite the sudden turn to fall, there are still some bugs hanging on to summertime.

orange bug

Something that actually makes Copper look huge for a change.

Copper sniff

Spooky spider in the soft fuzz.

soft spider

LOOK!  Corndogs! – Maybe we should call them catdogs or corntails??


A boy and his dog.

dog walk


dan and dogs


big tree

Then Quattro found a squirrel and Copper lost her mind and Dan helped her climb the tree.

treed dog

Notice her leash still attached…

chasin squirrels

No dogs or squirrels were harmed in those photos.


view of views

It is so good to have my camera back and working.

I have trouble with Fall.  I will admit that I’ve been in a funk lately and I know there are many factors for that- one being Fall and one being that I had no way to capture the moments I wanted to save for the rainy, gray days like this past week.  This week our house became more of a disaster, my job took more life out of me that I would like to admit, our credit card bill came, and our dinners were mostly pieced together from random boxes and cans of food in the pantry.  Not my best week.  HOWEVER, the sky is NOT falling, it is warm and sunny, and my camera is back.  Time to get busy enjoying life again.


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