silver lining

big blue sky

Please don’t stop the music…

Today was much more full of flow.  Seriously.  So much better.  I can’t say I have actually found the flow but the day didn’t go all orchestra / marching band / symphony on me which a good thing since we are in ART.

As part of my system of rewards in the art room, I had a lunch date with a sweet third grade girl who didn’t get to finish her pizza because she talked my ear off!  She did manage to burp three times during one story though which, I gotta admit, made her even more likable.

I realized something during that lunch time that made me appreciate the here and now aspect of where I’m at.  I spent four years working in high school and middle schools where students were just dying to blend in – the art room was no exception.  I know I was the same way but it makes me sad.  Now, in elementary, kiddos will do anything to get my attention.  “Look at this!”  “Come see what I made!”  “Check out my lava!”  And while they point out the blue-green color they just mixed as if there was never a blue-green before it in the history of time and, while the chaotic orchestra that we create in those untrained artistic moments is completely stressful at times, it is so rewarding.  These kids simply die to have me notice them and single them out and make a “reward’ lunch date with them.  It is special.

So when the daily bustle gets too much, I’m going to remember those silly chocolate milk burps and pick up my crankypants and move on knowing that it will be okay.  Oh, how quickly I forget to listen to Vikki.

And what about you?  Any silly burps giving you perspective lately?


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