Aaron and Kellie’s Engagement Photos, Part II

Today: We put into practice the eight days of getting there and it worked.  I have tried so hard to set up routines and procedures – table captains, supply leaders, floor monitor, ticket collectors, etc and we finally did it today.  The kids had 15 minutes of quiet work time while we listened to some electronic music as they got their creative juices flowing, it was bliss.  I think I like this job.

And on a completely unrelated to anything relevant to right now note, I wanted to wrap up the Part II of my friends, Aaron and Kellie’s engagement session.  If you remember, they came all the way to sunny Colorado for some cloudy weather and got engaged at Red Rocks.

When we left off at Part I, we were just getting back to the actual proposal ROCK.  Again, I would give a pretty penny for it to have been sunny when we were capturing these moments but I can’t do a darn thing about that now.   Let’s give them their due honor now, shall we?




please notice Dan in the background – such a trooper – yea, stinkin’ right.


IMG_6361 2

so aaron


they gathered up some Red Rocks dirt as a keepsake




To be continued…June 19, 2010 when we party hard at the big wedding day (and our sixth wedding anniversary!)

Tomorrow: Wash, rinse, repeat of today and day two of kindergartners.


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