becoming bikers

open bike

First off, Dan finally got bit by the mountain bike bug recently.  I can’t believe it has taken him three years to catch on to a summer sport.  We have now entered into the ” research/purchase mode” and, being the engineer that he is, he leaves no stone unturned.

bike research

I think mountain biking is totally up his avenue – He likes to go fast and he likes to play hard and it makes me happy to see him with an outlet for his interests.  (I just wish the dirt was as soft as the snow.)

I should probably take this opportunity to share the pics from our recent camping/mt. bike adventures.  We cared less for the camping than the biking because it was cooooooolld and the ground was haaaaarrrrrd and the campers next to us were louuuuuud but, other than that it was tons of fun, I guess.  No really, our food was amazing and the company of our friends was even better.


we camped near Breckenridge and had an amazing view

sun setting

setting sun

treed sunset

Quattro was in Heaven but Copper dog was shivering.

quattro red nose


We roasted marshmallows and found the fireworks show in Breck.

tending the fire


jess and em



ka pow

and then came the night time tossing and turning and freezing.  But then we had some more great food, found an art fair in Frisco and finally made it to Copper for mountain biking.  They were having a cool guitar festival so we got to listen to live music while we made our way down the mountain.


helmet heads

ladies pic – please don’t mind my 1994 giant helmet.  wow, I had no idea I looked that ridiculous.

ladies pic

Emma and I are not nearly as hardcore as everyone else in our crew.  In fact, we might not even really be mountain biking fans.  I am willing to give it another go though because they told me later that you should really only use your back brakes to slow down, especially around the turns.  NO ONE TOLD ME THAT!  No wonder I felt like I was going over the handlebars at every curve.

down the hill

through the trees

and the views really do make up for the jarred arms and the numb fingers and wrists.

trail break

creek break

creek flow

wild flowered

So, all this to say, I see a lot of mountain biking in our future.  Good thing I like the views.   😮



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