a year in pictures :: blogging to keep sane

julie and julia

Dan and I enjoyed my birthday evening with a movie and dinner.  That might not sound too extravagant but, trust me, we never do dinner AND a movie and we never do TWO movies within two days.  It was so fun.  We saw Julie and Julia and I thoroughly enjoyed it because I somehow could completely relate with the main character, Julie.  Something to do with the fact that we both never finish anything we start, have meltdowns, and need structure in our life so we chose to blog, yada, yada, yada.  😮  No really, blogging is a self inflicted structure for myself and I really do enjoy it and learn from it and use it to push myself.   Much like Julie learned to cook through her blogging adventures, I have learned to take pictures.  No one has taught me but I just study and read and mimic and then I do.  I don’t know that much about photography except that I know much more than I did a year ago and I find satisfaction in that alone.

So ya, my birthday was good.  I enjoyed opening the carefully wrapped and shipped birthday presents from my family.  They are all so very thoughtful.  It is hard being away from all of my fam on my birthday.  I miss them but I miss them most on my birthday.

I felt so loved through the warm comments on my facebook and texts on my phone.  Thank you to all of my friends near and far!!

And with all this talk about learning over the year, I thought I would leave you with my favorite photo memories from my 28th year. It was a rebuilding year and I think I like the way it has paved the way for 29.  Let the good times roll.

I loved all of our San Diego trip.  I tried to pick just one day but I can’t so I will leave you with this, this, this, and this, and this, too.  I think that trip made me fall in love with the idea of capturing life through a lens and makes me want to travel just to take pictures.

Oh, and remember when I cut off all my hair?  I miss it but I have no regrets.

And then I killed my camera skiing and I lived without and then made the jump into a real camera.

And then there was Taos and Steamboat.

Oh, gosh this is turning out to be a summary of where I’ve been – I stink at summarizing.

And anyways, I think you get the point.


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