Listen to Vikki.

sun seeds

I got home from school today at 6:00pm.  I fully intended to finish every little detail on my To Do list no matter how long it took.  I lack a dose of reality at times.

I was already getting lost in my sea of this and thats shortly after returning from a last minute meeting when Vikki walked in.  Vikki is a nice gal I met last week at new teacher meetings and, after 25 years of teaching, she joined the HR team.  Vikki started in with personal stories about how she used to be just like me and then she informed me that she was actually there to see that I was going home now.  I informed her that I was no where near that mark and then she kindly and firmly told me to choose one more task to complete.  I was to go home, order out (no matter how broke I was), and do something nice for myself.  I practically laughed at her until I realized that she was my voice of reason.  She started reminded me of things that I know.  I really do know them.  She reminded me that those posters don’t matter and who cares if the bins are labeled.  Oh, and those table number certainly don’t HAVE to be laminated.  In my little pea brain those, at the time, seemed like deal breakers.  But who am I kidding?  Vikki went on to say that they kids won’t go home and talk about the awesome art room (although she did give her stamp of approval) but the kids will bubble over with excitement as they tell their parents about their new art teacher.  And, the only way for that to be reality is if I go home and take care of myself.  Kids can tell if you are not fully with them – and by with them they can tell if you’re tired or stress or overwhelmed or unprepared.  And unprepared in this case does not mean a messy room.  It means not ready to meet them and all they bring to the table.

I know that.

I do know that but…I just forget.

It is easy to forget and I know half of my building was there buzzing with to do’s also.  But Vikki was there to take care of me.  She let me do one more task and I had butterflies just thinking about letting it all go.  I knew she was right though and knowing that she was sent to take care of me means so much to me.  It means that I better get myself ready to do the same for my kiddos.  And by that I mean, I left after Vikki helped me clear off my tables.  I drove to the Redbox and got 17again and then I picked up Chipotle and a Diet Dr. Pepper.  I shoulda coulda woulda done a lot of other stuff but when Dan asked me if I was excited about tomorrow I was able to say YES!

Vikki had some really great things to say, things you and I already know but maybe we just need to be reminded.  And from now on when I get myself worked up or in a jam, I will try so hard to remember this little lesson.  So, for all you teacher friends out there, please listen to Vikki.  Your kids will thank you.  And feel free to remind me when I forget.

And, as if tomorrow’s big day wasn’t exciting enough – it’s meteor shower night tonight and I *heart* meteor showers.  They come around just often enough to be so special.  Has it been a whole year already??


One response

  1. lauren

    GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!!! they will LOOOOOOVE you!

    August 12, 2009 at 10:28 p

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