taking things in stride

lady liberty

(My most favorite NY picture from my girls trip, Spring 2007)

Phew.  I’m feeling wiped out after my third round of snacks this evening.  My blood sugars have been in the tank most of today except for the afternoon of 200’s.  Bleh.  Although it is so annoying, I know it is just a phase.  Turns out, my diabetes has been so much more manageable these last few months.  I can think back to this time last year and whoa buddy I was so frustrated.  So a blip low or high doesn’t get me down too much these days.  I owe that success to the bright doctor that told me to change my pump injection site to the backside.  Big, big difference.

I didn’t really sit down here to tell you the ins and outs of my medical condition but I did want to say that today was another nice, manageable day.  That is a big statement to make considering I will be starting the actual first day of school one week from today.  And I am not the kind of person to take on big change in stride.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to mix things up but major life shifts don’t generally come and go without a major meltdown or at least a lot of anxiety.  (aka, the WEEDS!!!)  All that to say, I owe this so far success to the “do a little a lot of the time” mentality rather than do a lot in a little time.  I tend to be a procrastinator.  No, you know don’t say??????  It’s true, but I have tried very, very, very, very hard for the sake of my marriage and my sanity to take this one slower and steadier.  I worked some today, took a break and worked on that pesky supply list, and then I headed to my afternoon meetings.  I would like to put a major shout out to my new district for doing things right today.  We had a forum and instead of sticking the art folks with their grade level peeps or the gym/music folks, we got to have our own group.  Another Jen, me, and a current district art teacher.  Yes, we had our very own group.  And that might not make any sense to any of you but trust me, I felt so appreciated knowing that they went to the trouble to make us our own group.  That tells me that they value art.  Did you catch that?  They value art, therefore, they value ME!

Ok, I will get down off my soapbox now.

I really did sit down to write to you about my afternoon tour.  We could sign up for an optional bus tour of the district including but not limited to an explanation of each school and the ins and outs of local businesses, landowners, and anywhere else our students might hang.  It was delightful, especially as we watched a wicked storm roll in from the west.  As I rode and listened to our guide, I could not help but remember my top of the Grey line bus tour I took with my mom and dad in New York roughly nine years ago.  Or was that Chicago?  Either way, Mom, you would have loved this tour, too.

GW bridge reflection

(my second most favorite NY pic from Spring, 2007!)

Tomorrow:  A few more meetings – with a Hawiian theme.  More classroom work.  A county fair.  Cool.


2 responses

  1. Diana

    Oh, I understand what a big deal it is to get to have a meeting with “art” only! Those pesky electives teachers have a lot of nerve thinking they can accomplish something when they aren’t in a giant “electives” group. Sounds like you are in a great place!

    August 7, 2009 at 6:14 p

    • Jen

      Thanks! I did always enjoy our dysfunctional team of you and me.

      August 7, 2009 at 10:49 p

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