10 things that make my day

the red carpet walk

1.  This Red Carpet grand entrance on my second district meeting day.  I pulled up and heard cheering and clapping and the above picture is how all of the new hires walked into the training room.  Past and present teachers had “clappers” and kids put goodies into our district bags.  It was seriously a red carpet reveal/trick-or-treating experience.  I loved it because it was a seriously creative/goofy way to bring us all together and feel appreciated.  Who gets up from their summer break and cheers for new teacher hires at 7:45 am??  What a kind gesture, indeed.

2.  I won a door prize Starbucks coffee mug with candy.  Winning is cool.

3.  Starbucks Coffee has been served at two out of three of my meetings along with homemade cinnamon rolls.

roadside goats


4.  These roadside goats that greeted me at a stop sign on the way to my school this afternoon.

5.  Winning another door prize today – a cool Fred Jones classroom management book that I even considered purchasing.  Score!

6.  A good recommendation for a classic local Mexican restaurant called Taco Loco.

7.  Extra free samples of some new to me Origins face scrubs.  I love samples.

8.  Unanticipated extra time in my classroom.  Turns out, I was only scheduled for nearly half of the listed meetings which means that I get to use and have been using all my afternoon times in my classroom.  Such a blessing.

9.  Meeting new people at work and at church who like similar things as me.  I need a bigger community.


10.  Finding new and faster ways to get to my new home away from home school.

Now, it’s your turn.  What simple things have popped up in your life that have made your day?


3 responses

  1. lauren

    that is really sweet, the red carpet thing. i think you made a wise decision to work there. i am SO happy for you!! i am still bummed that i am not going to see you all everyday, though.

    today my soon-to-be roommate offered, right off the bat, to watch holden while i go home for a week. i wasn’t going to ask so early in our living together relationship. so that saves me a couple hundred bucks.

    i got an email from my friend i just visited in indonesia. he is going to be home during the same time i am, so that is an unexpected surprise.

    livenation is having a sale for today only on concert tickets. i generally never check my mail this often, but i am glad i did, cause there is a show i really want to see.

    so my day has been pretty good too!
    what do they put in iced vanilla lattes at starbucks? crack? heroin? i tried one a week ago and have gotten 4 since then. it’s sick.

    August 5, 2009 at 10:20 p

    • Jen

      I am so glad things are going your way. Thanks so much for sharing – it really did make my day to hear your bright spots.
      And yes, iced vanilla lattes are made of all things addicting. In fact, when I worked there I tried so terribly hard to make myself sick of them. Needless to say after reading your comment today, I had to go get one for myself. Mission FAILED!

      August 6, 2009 at 10:39 p

  2. Dan

    I got nothin’. Good job on getting free stuff, though.

    August 6, 2009 at 2:16 p

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