Tubing Clear Creek Whitewater Park

Before hitting the river pic – bright eyed and ready to roll.

Notice the sunny, warm sunshine!

before the cold river

giddy me

When we moved to Colorado, I quickly discovered that lazy lake days are a thing of the (Missouri) past.  We only have a handful of lakes around here but we do have snow and when snow melts, it runs downhill.  Downhill leads to rivers and rivers, well…rivers lead to TUBING!  Ever since I brought my childhood inner tube back from MO, I have been waiting for a chance to try out these rivers.  For whatever reason, our plans to tube have never come together until today.

On a recent outing with my summer camp kids, I stumbled across the Clear Creek Whitewater Park in Golden.  It is amazing.  I like the wide shoots and rapid rapids.  The rocks are smooth and the path back to the start is paved.  Oh, and it is cold.  REALLLLLLLLLLLLY COLD.  But it is fun.

We enjoyed our three trips down the rapids with our good friends Jason, Cari and their kids Emma and Jesse.  Our first run was the best and with the most sun.  The second run was accompanied by the Buffalo Bill Day’s Rubber Duckie Race.  Seriously, they dropped about 2,000 rubber ducks right in front of our tubes and we chased them all the way to the finish.  A few ducks were thrown but no ducks were harmed in this race.

After our third run down with too many to count wipeouts in the rapids, we hiked our frozen popsicle selves back to the car in the rain and, after changing, found ourselves a friendly Starbucks with hot drinks to warm us up.  We enjoyed some wood roasted pizza and then checked out the Buffalo Bill festival in the park.  We completed our adventurous day with some cold ones along the creek shores while pointing and laughing at all the freezing cold kayakers and tubers as they went feet over head into the frigid waters.  Start to finish – what a wonderful, cheap way to spend a Sunday.

This was AFTER three runs down and after the rain ended.  Never thought I’d need a hot latte to warm me up in late July!

Starbucks warm up

Jason and his “new do”

nice hair

watching the tubers tumble

the men

peanut gallery

a decent pic of Dan having a good old time


now Dan laughing at someone else’s expense


the poor (COLD) guy in a tube getting our laughs

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

Nope, the second guy didn’t make it either.  Oh, and by the way – WE totally owned this rapid.

How about some kayak action?

kayak attack

wait for it


you can come up now

BTW – we owned that rapid, too!

and why not another tube one?  this is just prior to the flip.

feet flipped

Ok, I’ve gone overboard (har, har, har) so I better raft this up.  (Oh, man, I kill myself…)

Emma disapproving of my humor

emma cheese

Happy Tubers

D + J


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