luck be an unlucky day

five dollars

I recently found $5 laying on the sidewalk.

I took that money and turned it into this for dinner tonight.

cheap chipotle

Now, you might think I’m lucky but would you consider it luck that while listening to a funny Coors commercial while driving to my new school in a construction zone I glanced down at my spedometer and then tapped the brakes.  And, as luck would have it at that very moment, the cop stepped out in the road and waved me over along with all the other schmucks who had been flagged down.  Yep, 41 in a 30.  When he asked me why he pulled me over, I said, “I’m sorry.  I never come this way and I was just (pause) thinking.”  Hmmm…good one.

I guess I can just chalk this one up as a christening for the new school year since approximately three years ago I was pulled over for going 54 in a 20 mph school zone on my way to school.  To my defense, I had usually gone through when the school zone was not flashing.  And the speed limit was 55 to 45 to 35 normally.  And this is only my second ticket in 13 years of driving.  I digress.

Today was quite productive.  I took a load to school and then headed out for my half day shift of bowling with my favorite gal, J.  She was slightly out of sorts due to the completely overstimulating day at Elitch’s yesterday but, all in all, we had a grand time.

Tomorrow is going to be a water balloon and music loving kind of a day and I’ll be chasing an eight year old boy with autism, cerebral palsy, and ADD.  Bring it!

** P.S.  That Coors commercial is funny.  They voice over the Nelly song with “it’s getting COLD in here so PUT ON all your clothes….”  such silliness.

*** P.P.S  – New blog banner in honor of keeping my head in the game concerning these WEEDS.



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