mojitos and hay bales

mint mo mo jito

Oh boy, it feels good to sit down.

Today was a serious GO! kind of a day.  My shift got changed a bit and I ended up working with a hyper active young lady that did not stop until she fell asleep while I was pushing her on the swings.  Let me say that again, she was swinging and then she fell asleep while still swinging!  You’d fall asleep too if you lived your day demanding to NOT wear your shoes while at the horse stables after trotting on a horse for 45 minutes while laying on the ground in the middle of the stables and refusing to get up out of the grass or hay while chewing on a leaf.  Oh and while we’re at it, let’s just throw in the fact that you are non-verbal and sign the word YES after still refusing to get out of the hay and then tossing it into my hair and hers.  Let’s also just say that my only break came shortly before the swing sleeping when I went to the bathroom at the park and ventured into removing my shoes because I couldn’t stand the dust turned mud between my toes from said stable any longer.  Wow.  I washed my feet in the public park sink and dried them with TP.  Eeww.   It was also at this point that I looked in the mirror and found straw in my hair from our little romp in the hay 2 hours prior!!  Why didn’t someone tell me?  I’m so cool.

j dog and lil jo

So, where was I?  I think what I really wanted to talk about tonight was the fact that after a seriously fast paced day of horseback riding and speed swimming, we enjoyed a fantastic evening with some of our dearest friends and their two cutie boys on our deck with twinkling lights, good food and a toast to their soon-to-be-new job!  Big fat CONGRATS!

Dan took up the chef hat (go, honey!) and we enjoyed the work of his culinary skills in some most delish kabobs.  Mint Mojitos filled our glasses and strawberry-lady fingers-cool whip-topped with melted hershey’s topped off our palette.  Oh, and grilled corn – enough said.

shish bob

Devin hammin’ it up.  Typical.

devin bob

Jonah and me singing Itsy Bitsy

Jonah signing itsy bitsy

Janel and Josiah under the lights.


Aaaannnnnnddddd … GOOD NIGHT!



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