*grand is better than good

My parent’s visit was grand*.

Day 1:  We started out the holiday weekend at the Boulder’s Farmer’s Market.  It has always been a fave of mine – such good people watching!


After a giant parking ticket (and a BOOT!)  More shopping and people watching on Pearl St.

creepy tall tree guy

A leisurely drive up to Boulder Falls and then the risk of falling rocks.

boulder canyon

Back home, we grilled up some great Tri-Tip and then caught the sights of the local fireworks.  You didn’t think I would miss a few shots of fireworks, did you?

Just two favorite fireworks for now.

trio pow

REALLY in love with this next one…

vertical waves

Day 2:

Cherry Creek Arts festival.  Now, I’ve been to my share of art festivals and I will have to say this one was quite refreshing.  Lots of unique but not outrageous artwork.  We wore ourselves out between the market and this festival.

cherry drink


Pismo Gallery has a Dale Chihuly and I don’t think I’ve gotten to see one in person before.  Sweet!

chilhuly glass art

We wrapped the day up with a little church and some Italian in downtown Lafayette – it is so charming.

Day 3:

****Let’s just start this day by saying that I think I am a little shy in taking people pics.  I’ll take them if they don’t know I’m watching but, for the most part, I like the subjects that don’t watch me back while taking their pic.  I need to work on this.

We figured we had shopped till we nearly dropped (although I can always shop moooore!) so we ventured out into the wild.  Rocky Mountain National park was full of nature and people and people looking at nature.  We drove up and over Trailridge and into Grand Lake.  Our impression of Grand Lake was a little more like Good Lake but maybe the foggy weather, the less than grand mexican food we had for lunch,  and our long construction filled drive there played into our opinion.

Nonetheless, we saw a moose (first time!) and a baby moose.  What do you call a baby moose? And I definitely think moose plural should be meese, it just makes sense.

These are elk, not meese.

home on the range

And I would just like to note the proximity of the clouds to the land.  Trailridge Rd. is way up there!  And it is windy.

Look, it’s me and my mama.  Finally, a people pic.

windy smiles

and now a moose and it’s mama

mama moose

and now a Grand Lake birdie, birdie, birdie…

HARK, a lark

Day 4:

More shopping!  We started out a little later but made our way to Ft. Collins.  From there, we toured through Longmont and Lafayette and made sure to see all of the local thrift stores and antiques each town had to offer.  We were wiped but took full advantage of the amazing Colorado weather and enjoyed another deck dinner complete with buffalo burgers, my new hanging basket, and our chiminea!

deck decor

Day 5:

Closing day.  We tied up a lot of loose ends including picture hanging.  Yes, my parents came to Colorado and then they helped me hang pictures.  I will share more on that coming up soon.  Also, since I will have a new home away from home in about a month, I took them to see my new school.  I forgot how excited I am about all that!

They got all packed up and headed out of town.  It was bittersweet.  I’m so glad they came to stay but it was sad to see them go because they get me, quirks and all.

my fam

Mom and Dad, thanks so much for coming to see us!  I love you guys!

To see our complete days, check out my Flickr album HERE.


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  1. Dan

    I took the last picture, FYI.

    July 12, 2009 at 11:30 p

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