Day 4 GOventures: song + dance (and then some)

Jumping back into the GOventures from last week, Day 4’s theme:  song + dance.

Kal’s work:  HERE

Elise’s work:  HERE

My work:

song + dance

This challenge was a little ambiguous at first but after I started sorting through a few photos, I found this one of Dan and me taken on our 5th wedding anniversary last week.  We went to a BBQ festival and while walking down the closed road, I snapped this pic and I just love the composition.  I put this picture into picnik, played around with some effects, stickers, and text and came up with this song + dance.

Since our anniversary, I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage and the song and dance that goes into daily living as husband and wife.  The idea behind my artwork above is that marriage is like a dance and life is our song.  We might know the words to the song sometimes and we might even know the dance steps occasionally but putting those two together doesn’t always mean that we dance gracefully to the song being played.  That being said, isn’t dancing great?  Don’t you just love learning new songs?  Eventhough we step on each other’s feet and we don’t always move forward the way we planned, I am happy to keep dancing to this song.

Day 5’s theme is treading water.  I’ll be sure to share my version of that just as soon as I make it.


Let’s just say this first full week on my new summer job left me treading water on more than one occasion.
Did I mention the days are long?  Like over 10 hours most days?  Did I mention there are no breaks?  Did I mention that it’s hot outside and trying to convince an unhappy kiddo with multiple learning and mental disabilities to get out of the hot, hot van so that we can go to the museum is super, very, triple harrrrd!  Especially since all they want to do is watch their Disney movies in the comfort of their own home.  I’m with ya, kid.  But my job is to convince you that you really want to go to the musuem and, hey…I’ll even look at this amazingly wonderful Sleepy Beauty book with you if you will just pleasssssssse get out of the van.  Oh man.  That whole song + dance happened everytime we went to a new location, as in three more times that day.  Phew.  Makes me tired all over just thinking about it.

With all that aside, I am really enjoying this mad summer job.  This coming week will be a little lighter and I’m excited to be preparing for my new full time job in the fall as well as my parent’s visit next week.   So many good things on the horizon.

Week one of my summer job is done and it can only get better from here.


3 responses

  1. oops–i don’t know how i clicked on the wrong post before, but i meant the cool feet photo from THIS post. whoops! anyway, you should enter it.

    July 20, 2009 at 8:45 p

    • Jen

      Thanks Kelly,
      I just saw your “feet” post! How fun. Thanks for the suggestion…I may have to go digging around my photos for more feet because I tend to capture a lot of “self portraits” that way. Thanks again for the tip!

      July 20, 2009 at 5:56 p

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