GOventures, day 2: not my type


I got orientated yesterday and today was full speed ahead with the kiddos at camp.  I liked it but it was a serious case of GOventures in the non-art sort of a way.  Ten hours straight of no down time, no break, no chill-reading morning and afternoon time.  It was go.go.GO.  I’m pumped about tomorrow because we get to do arts and crafts (I heart arts and crafts) and bowling (I double heart bowling).

I did get to see J when she came to pick up her foster sister.  She took one look at me, said, “Hi, Jenafur” tried to poke a staff in the eyes and then when corrected, took off running, giggling, swaggering down the hall outside into the rain despite my attempt at telling her to stop.   And that my friends means I mean something to her.  She tends to go off the deep end when she sees people she likes in alternative settings.  Like that one time she licked the dog when we delivered something to her house.  Or, that other time on her bus when she tried to pick the bus driver’s nose when we told her that she was really smart and special and that we would miss her on the last day of school.  Yea, she likes me.

Anyways…I wanted to talk briefly about the GOventures challenge for today.

Today’s Theme:  not my type

Kal’s creation:  HERE

Elise’s creation:  HERE

I immediately got all sorts of typography related ideas immediately.  It also made me wish that I had gotten to take that stinkin typography class at Truman way back when even though I wasn’t a graphic design major and I didn’t even really know what typography was at that time.  Dang, freshman ignorance.  Typography rocks.

So after grabbing a crappy pair of scissors and a stack of index cards, I went to work.  I piled up the negative space clippings and kept it a simple white on white to let the text speak for itself.  It’s subtle but it’s there.   And since I waited until 10pm to make this, the lighting in the pic is less than brilliant.  But, you know working on this idea before the last minute would definitely NOT be MY TYPE.

not my type




Tomorrow’s clue is:  POCKET

Again, feel free to play along and post a comment with a link to your creation.


2 responses

  1. looks great!

    June 24, 2009 at 3:30 p

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