Springfield things…

Oh gosh it is hard keeping up with summer.  I’m not complaining.  Oh, nooooo.  Summer is the best, next to winter…actually, both are equally rad.

r creat

Kansas City was very great!  I actually only spent about 50% of my time in town.  As mentioned, I spent a day in Columbia visiting my friend Katie.  A day and a night in Springfield visiting our friends Josh and Janel.  Another day and a night was spent in Rocheport and St. Charles, just outside of St. Louis.  It was a whirlwind trip with my parents and I loved taking in all the little shops and antiques.  I get my shopping nature from my dad.  He can go, go, go!

I’ll keep this post to just the Springfield things.

Springfield was nice – nice weather, nice friends, nice slower pace. We love visiting Josh and Janel and their son Jonathan.  They live on a little land and it is so peaceful there.  They also have a boat at Tablerock Lake which is a fabulous perk, too.  We trade off, they visit us in Colorado and we snow ski like mad.  Then, we visit them in Springfield and water ski like mad.  It works!

Janel and I found this cute little rail car near historic Commercial St.


handle this

sky rain

We also just had to check out this Holy Cute place.  It was fun.

And how about this little schnookums?  Jonathan is a hoot.  He can talk and talk and man, does he like to go fast.  He is going to make one cutie of a big brother come February !  Can’t wait to meet their newest addition next year.



future track star

And here is his mama, Janel, and me letting the wind flutter our eyelashes on the boat. I love that feeling!  Growing up people used to say we looked like twins.

JM and JN

More boat pics next time, as in, a whole post designated to WATER SKIING.  If we can’t go snow skiing, it’s the next best thing!


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