Aaron and Kellie’s Engagement Photos, Part 1

Hello All!

What a nice weekend.  It was full of farmer’s market shopping, TJMAXX, church, gardening, sleeping, gardening, and gardening.  Not bad.  I am still in a little shock about the job news and I am so thankful to have that weight off of my shoulders.  The summer employment didn’t pan out like I had hoped because they don’t have enough availability to hire me.  Bummer.  So, I have a job in August but, as of Wednesday, I have no job until August.  Weird.  I’ll just keep on truckin’ though.

And, in the meantime, I have planned to share these pictures on more than one occasion so without further adieu…Aaron and Kellie’s engagement pictures at Red Rocks!  Since it was dark when he proposed, we came back the next day to seal the deal for the engagement pics.  I wish the sun had been sunny instead of cloudy.  Oh well, I still like the way most of them turned out and it was fun to try out people/portrait pictures since I never have before. We also had a lot of fun acting like we were at the high school graduation that was currently taking place, tee hee.


big rocks

Aaron is such a clown – he’s eating Kellie’s hand




I picked a giant dandelion for Kellie on the way into the park and then we found this leftover, tossed-on-the- path-bouquet, perfect!


couldn’t resist some more dandelion love


They are such a fun couple!

check out that rOcK!

This is when we really went off the deep end.  Butt Stop!  I couldn’t resist!

butt stop!

again with the cheesiness…

heart rate

the high school graduates and…us, just helping out.


and here they are throwing their “caps”!

oh 9

I tried to keep my picture choice down to just a handful but I just can’t.  I’ll post Part 2 of the engagement photos, including pics from the actual engagement ROCK next time.  And if you just can’t wait until then, feel free to check out my Flickr photostream with the whole collection of their proposal and engagement photos right HERE .

Happy Monday to you all!

PS – boo on me for not getting those lucky giveaway winner photos in the mail to you guys.  Again, boo on me.  I will get them out tomorrow.  P R O M I S E.


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