Red Really Does ROCK: A Love Story

It is kinda hard jumping back into the blog world after an accidental absence.  I didn’t mean to go away but the everyday life just crept right in over my head.  I’m back now so here goes…

Last Week: Where to start??  The interview came and went and while I think it went well I would have done this or that different – such is life.  I received some very workable feedback from the principal and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that this next interview on Wednesday will be more than fabulous.  It will.  I refuse to believe anything different.  And now I must move on.

red ROCK!

Last week also brought our Missouri friends, Kellie and Aaron, to visit.  Aaron has had a trick up his sleeve ever since they helped us move to Colorado nearly 3 years ago.  More on that in a minute but first I need to give you some background.

Camp Galilee has always had a very near and dear place in my heart.  I really got to know Dan there about 8  or was it 9 years ago.  Wow, has it been that long?  Galilee is also where I got to know Aaron.  The three of us have had lots of overlapping memories, embarrassing moments, and T.P. wars and Aaron is the guy who served us our Zio’s dinner just an hour after Dan proposed 6 years ago!  We go way back.

Enter Kellie.  I was her middle distance coach for track back in my South coaching days.  She was a senior and I was getting ready to be the Director for a week at Galilee.  Summer Rocks!  I liked Kellie and her peppy attitude and I knew she would fit right in at our wacky middle school camp.  I asked her to be a counselor and she jumped right in.  Apparently on our way down to camp I told her that Galilee is really where I got to know Dan so maybe she…hmm…just might meet someone, too!  Little did I know that these two red heads would hit it off but sure enough, Mr. Aaron and Little Miss Kellie have been together for nearly four years!

Here they are, four years ago, stealing the infamous cowbell at Camp Galilee.

camp galilee


So, fast forward to last week and you have a sneaky Aaron and an unknowing Kellie.  We went out to eat and then I wanted to try out my photo skills at Red Rocks.  What’s that?  You two went to Red Rocks three years ago and took pictures of your dating selves just for fun.  I had no idea, *wink*.  Dinner ran a little late so the sun escaped us but that didn’t get in the way of the sweet proposal Aaron had worked up for Kellie on their nostalgic rock.  Please forgive the flash, the sun had left us…

Aaron is such a jokester that he fake proposed here.   I think the exact words Kellie used were something like, “YOU’RE MEAN!”pretend proposal

And then Kellie fake proposed right back at him here.

will you...?

We met a skunk and so very nearly got sprayed.  We climbed some rocks.

hand hold

We took a walk.  And then we ended up at the special rock.


and here come the photos…

k and a


the ring

the ring slide

she said yes

congrats!SHE SAID, “YES!”

and then we celebrated!


Dan and I were so excited to be a part of this special moment!  And what do you know – these two are planning a June 19th wedding for 2010.  I think June 19th is the perfect day to tie the knot since on that day, Dan and I will celebrate 6 years of marraige.  Happy wedding day to us all!

Congrats to Aaron and Kellie!

This Week: four days of school (only six left, eek),  an interview and maybe a summer job on the horizon.  Tune in next time for the official engagement pictures.  Cute love, what could be better?


3 responses

  1. Kellie

    Awww…Thanks Jen thats really cool! I hope your interview goes well.

    May 26, 2009 at 7:04 p

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