looking ahead while looking back

diet coke,  please

We survived the our picnic park adventure today at school.  It was blasted hot but we only had one melt-down, a bloody nose, and a small chunk of my hand missing.  I’d give it a thumbs up.  It was fun but we all agreed we don’t want to do it again.  It was that kind of fun.

Phew…I have a boatload of things to get done before tomorrow and here I am sharing things with you all.  I like you guys!

I have been taking a trip down memory lane the last few days while preparing my art teaching portfolio for my upcoming interviews.  I looked through pictures from when I taught freshman art for three years in Missouri and most especially my year as a middle school art teacher in a teeeny tiny little district in Weld County, Colorado.  That little district sure does have a special place in my heart.  I loved those home-town kids – especially my 7th grade volleyball girls (we were a mighty team of 7) and all the kooky 7th graders from our overnight camping outdoor ed. trip.  If I wasn’t the only middle school teacher for the two middle schools and if the district hadn’t nearly killed me with their over-the-top curriculum development, I might have stayed.  But just typing the words CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT right now puts chills up my back similar to saying “Mufasa” like in the Lion King.  “Oh…do it again….” Shudder…

I digress…

So this time tomorrow my middle school art interview will be over.  I have a sneaky good feeling about this one but I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I will leave you with the best teaching experience I have had in four years of teaching middle and high school art.  I did a unit on claymation and it was a blast.  We did everything from start to finish – scripts, set, characters, photos, movie maker, chosen music, etc.  I even had them design their own CD covers for their movies.  It was brillant.  Here’s hoping this little cutie will earn me a job.  (Eeks, typing that feels a little sureal.  Hope I didn’t just jinx myself).

Kitchen Mess:  By Tori and Ruby

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Kitchen Mess“, posted with vodpod



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