Keep on keeping on…

good job note

So Friday was another good day.  I can’t complain about how this whole “keep on truckin'” mentality is coming together.  Big news:  got an additional interview for next week!  Two interviews in the next two weeks and I am thrilled.  Today will be spent unwinding from last week and gearing up for the next by putting together an updated portfolio of my art teaching days.  Lots to do.

I celebrated the set-up of the second interview by stopping in the Salvation Army after school.  50% off all clothing.  I managed to find 4 shirts and two cool pants for a mere $14.  So great.  I also giggled when I flipped past this shirt on the rack.  How, oh, how did they know??

K o T

So, although my brain is buzzing with this and that in preparation for next week, I think I will take another pause on life and hit some garage sales.  No better way to enjoy the weather and my homemade iced coffee than cruising the suburbs of Thornton looking for that undiscovered treasure. (BTW, is it then or than?  I think it is than, hmm?)

Thanks for the sweet sticky note honey (seen above).

P.S.  For those of you who were worried about Copper Dog – she is nearly healed up and is no longer our little Martini glass any more.  😮


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  1. Dan

    Good job, J!

    May 18, 2009 at 7:33 p

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