trying not to borrow

fluttering leaves

I liked today.  It was a laid back, not-so-rocky kind of a day and we managed to sneak in a movie at school this afternoon so it made work seem a little like play.  I am enjoying the kids and trying really hard to celebrate their every accomplishment, no matter how small.  After school the warm air tricked my brain into thinking it was summer and I liked it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good spring or a nice fall but there is just something about summer or winter that have my heart.  It’s like spring and fall are just the go-between for the real stuff.  I know this spring time of waiting around looking for a job for this summer is just the go between before the really good stuff comes along – the good future job that is just waiting patiently for me.  Hmm.  I am trying really hard not to borrow tomorrow’s concerns for today.

Phew, I feel like a good can of pop right now.  While it starts out fizzy and bubbling, it gets a little flat after 17 hours.  That’s me.  No more fizzy right now…time for bed!


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