Hey Guys, my apologies for hibernating these last few days.  This week was rocky and bumpy and I got a little tossed around.  I was all set to announce my winner for the “guess that location” giveaway on Wednesday but a combination of time and technical difficulties kept that from happening.   Then, yesterday I went to dreamland at 9pm on the couch.  So much for that.

However, I want to make it up to you all!  So here’s how it’s going to go:

-one winner for the correct guess – more on that in a minute.

-two more winners since I was two days late

-one additional winner since I didn’t have school today (three day weekends rock!)

-and since I got to enjoy lemon blueberry muffins while soaking up some sun on our sweet deck, I’m feeling friendly, generous, and today is a day that ends in “y” so I’ll add one last winner

That makes 5 winners.  What’s that?  There were 5 comments?   Well, in that case, you are all winners!

The actual winner was Dan W who guessed junk yard!  Way to go!  Dan (my husband) and I were at the junkyard getting rims for my car so that we can put the snow tires on the extra set of rims.  It’s a great money saver in the long run and I always like roaming around the U Pull and Pay because it is like a cemetery for cars.  Creepy and cool with sadness and lots of history.  If those cars could talk, what a story they would tell!

So winners Dan W, Gayle, Katie S, Kelly W, and Erin D, come on down!  Let me tell you about your prize.  I have been working hard to get my Flickr account updated with my photos so I would like to share them with you all in the form of your very own 8 x 10 print.  Click on my Flickr account right HERE and take a look through my “photography” or “fresh air” Flickr sets and choose the photo you would like.  Send me an email at ellisondrive @ including your home address and your photo choice and by this time next week, you will be the proud owner of a Jen original.  Enjoy!  Oh, that is so fun!

ps Dan W – since you were the real winner, please choose two pictures for your prize!

Does the word junkyard remind you at all of the song Juke Box Hero?  Maybe it’s just me…

In the meantime, here are some more junkyard finds.


oil puddle

I think this next one is quite sad

lonely bear

key hole rust

I don’t know why but this next one might be my second favorite

(the shattered glass is my first).


rear view junk


It pays to leave a comment and play along.  Nice guesses from everyone.  Hope you enjoy your art!

smile fender

Love, Jen


2 responses

  1. awesome! can’t wait to look through your amazing pictures. thanks so much!

    May 9, 2009 at 8:28 p

  2. That’s a really cool idea. Thank you so much. I’ve spent a lot of my life in junk yards(because of my Dad). I love the pictures.

    May 11, 2009 at 9:43 p

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