Weekend Update and a chiropractor

springtime yellow

red edge yellow

Weekend Update:  Dan and I had a fun time watching our cool landlord play in his rocking band on Friday night.  The “people watching” was at a premium so I had a great time.  We spent time Saturday trying to gear Dan up to test out cycling.  The poor guys has to figure out some way to pass eight months until ski season starts up again.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress in that new hobby.  And today we took advantage of the sunshine and went downtown and around.  I got to enjoy some great bubble tea and we wore out our pups on a long walk along the river near REI.  It was sweet.

Pekoe refracted


birds eye view Copper

Updated Update:  Dan took the bike for a spin to try out his new gear and now he’s hacking up a lung.  Turns out asthma and cardio type activities are not his friend right now.  Since being adjusted helps open up his lungs, we’ve just spent the better part of half and hour with me trying to chiropract him.  We aren’t very good at  chiropracting.


Oh, and I nearly forgot – don’t forget to take a guess on my last post for a chance to win some art by me.  It feels a little vain saying “art by me”  but I love art and I want others to enjoy it with me so I’ve decided use this giveaway to share some of my photography.  Please leave a comment in this post HERE with your best guess and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.   Happy guessing.


And here goes another week.  We can do this…deep breath…keep on truckin.

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