Roadside Assistance

While working at a school, I have noticed that this time of year is prone to a certain kind of attitude and thought process.  We are all tired, morale is low and I know I don’t quite have that light at the end of the tunnel feeling yet so I need some perspective.  It goes something like this…”Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we…oh, man, not yet…”  I think from now on I will lovingly refer to this time as “Keep on Truckin” mostly because that’s the only way I can remind myself to just keep going!

I HEART funny signs so maybe these friendly roadside reminders I have found along my ways will help me on my truckin’ road.

hump day

Teeheehee.  Indeed, Wednesday is hump day.  I’ve almost made it.  Is it really only Wednesday?  Oh, my, my!

hammer time stop

Ok, so let’s break it down.  A little dancing makes a person feel better.  Ok, I’m a little better now.


Repeat after me, “Danger Rocks.  Danger Rocks.  Danger Rocks.”  Maybe if we keep telling ourselves this, it will be true.  That last paycheck in May is only 5 weeks away… “Danger Rocks.”  I’ll keep practicing.

high heeled

And speaking of danger…I guess in this case, I should avoid high heels.  Got it, no high heels and hold the hand rail.  I think I can manage that.


Alright.  No pee on the tree.  What?  I don’t get it.   Maybe it means this.  Ahem, never mind.

So, in closing, I will keep things in perspective, dance a little, take risks – but not too many, and watch where I pee.  Got it.



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