Wet Paint Earth – DIY kids project

Dear Earth,

I think you’re great.  I’ll try harder to keep your needs in mind as I go about my days.



Sweet Earth

I had some more fun making art with J today.  I guess painted kids’ art is still on my mind…

What You’ll Need:

-blue, green, and white craft paint


-two sheets of 8.5 x 11 in. printer paper per earth





How You Do It:

I showed J a picture of the Earth and asked her what colors she saw.  We talked about the colors and how today is Earth Day and how we want to take care of the Earth.  We both painted our papers using one color at a time – work fast so the paint stays wet.  I didn’t let her cover every part of the paper but I did let her really goop the paint on the page.  I showed her how to do a “trick” and we folded our papers in half painted sides towards each other.  We did this a couple of times and folded it different directions each time, even diagonally, so the paint got all smooshed around.  We made two paintings each and set them aside to dry.  I sprinkled some green glitter on the extra paint gooped areas (you can’t tell from the pic above but this little detail really adds some super fabulous cuteness!).  When they were dry, I put a string in between the two paintings and glued them together with the painted sides out.  To finish, trace a paper plate circle onto the glued paintings and cut around the circle.  Last, hang up your flat sparkling Earth for all to see!

p.s.   I just couldn’t let those extra painted scraps go to waste so I traced more tiny circles from them and hung them with string like a fancy mobile.  Cuteness.


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