no hippos

striped butts

excited chatter  ::  bumpy bus ride  ::  holding hands  ::  silly seals  ::  giddy giggles  ::  zebra behinds  ::  point and share  ::   showy peacocks  :: shady break   ::  this way, that way  ::  water refill  ::  bird sanctuary  ::  near meltdown  ::  sun, sun, sun  ::  lunch on bench  :: potty pit stop  ::  lazy lions  ::  ice cream grin   ::  brand new giraffes  ::  sticky fingers  ::  say good-bye

show off

look at me!


J and the tiger


EEPP – My new favorites  ::  giraffes!

tall towers

lounging long necks

baby g

missed a spot

Zoo, thanks for the memories.  You were good to us.


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