a storm of spring

dripping blooms

Yesterday and today were filled with rain and snow watching.  It was great to slow down and clean things up a bit both outside and in.  Eventhough I do love the snow, I’ve had just about enough of this house and myself.

frosty the snowgirl

Yesterday Dan was stuck on I70 for 8.5 hours coming back from Winter Park.  Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s closing day at Copper won’t be quite so uneventfully full of events.  In the meantime, a few recent observations…

some seriously gigantic snowflakes

our backyard

the sky is falling

piling up

and only a few short hours later – this bloom holds the weight of the wet snow.

frosted bloom

it’s not quite spring yet

snowed buds

as seen from the reflection in the mirror – I knew my little snowman wasn’t done giving his love for the season!

snowy reflection

and lots of tea for two to keep us toasty

tea for two

Seems like just yesterday I was gearing up for this fine day back in November!


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