DIY sweet and classy kids card


Our AMAZING weekly Target trip bus driver gave us a sweet Easter card with a sweet gift.  We all wanted to do something special in return for her sweetness and my answer was and and always will be ART!  I wanted it to be kid-orginal but still classy because giving a $100 gift is anything but ordinary!

y o u

I put my familiar art teacher hat on and had the kiddos do some painting and told them to really move the paint around.  They loved it and so did I!
Lately, I’ve enjoyed our cool letter graphic type flashcards so I put them into practice and worked some Eric Carle magic, some negative space love and came up with a thank you card similar to this idea I remembered from Sarah Jane Studio.  Her ideas are here and the templates are here.

I am so happy with the results  – I think the apple card is my favorite!

thank you

thank you

t for turtle

o u

Thank You Card HOW TO:

What you’ll need:

1.  heavy weight cardstock – I used file folders

2.  a stack of brilliant kids paintings or finger paintings would work well, too. This is a great thing to do with all those leftover lovely art projects your kiddos might bring home for your fridge!

3.  paper cutter

4.  xacto knife

5.  glue.

First, have the kids paint a bunch of papers.  It’s good to do only warms colors and only cool colors together so they don’t mix too many browns.

Next, cut a stack of heavy weight paper to size and cut down the kids’ painting to the same size (I saved the painted scrap paper to attach all of the cards together).  Draw out your letters and designs – any fun shapes or images will work and you could even print out some templates online!  Using an xacto knife, cut out letters with the corresponding pictures.  Lay out stencils and place the painted papers underneath – maybe even match coordinating painted colors to the images.  Put glue on the back of the stencils place it over the painted paper.  It might be good to press these overnight using a stack of books so the paper and stencil dry flat.  I couldn’t wait that long so I just layed them out and matched color straps to fit in between each card.  I folded each scrap before gluing them in between so that it would make the cards fold up like an accordian ie:  ever other one was up then down…AND VOILA!  When it was all done and dry, I had the kids write their names and draw pictures on the back.  And there you have it, a sweet, kid genuine, nice looking thank you card!  We hope she’ll hang it up on her bus!

k for kite

I kind of want to take it home for myself…


4 responses

  1. fisherbe

    I love this idea. Not only a great craft it makes a wonderful thank you. I love the brush marks in the paintings.

    April 20, 2009 at 2:20 p

  2. I found your blog through “Our Lincoln Log”– and what a dang cute thank you card! I’m sure she loved it!

    April 20, 2009 at 4:42 p

  3. Heather M

    That is such an adorable card! It looks professionally done!

    April 20, 2009 at 7:13 p

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