Self Art Therapy

geometric organic

Oh, this day.

This day was so…



too much.

inner spaces

I don’t have much to offer right now except that I spent the better part of this day trying to pass the time, hence the drawings.  That’s what happens when, at the last minute, you are called in to give two 3rd graders a 70 minute state standardized test that takes them all of NINE minutes and then you are held hostage with them until the time runs out.  Take that equation plus me and a pencil and papers with no reading material and times it by three and you have my day in a nut shell.  I call it self art therapy.  Other than that, school ran mostly normal today but we had one of those doom and gloom kind of a meetings afterward that sent me back into my dark places.

The rest of the evening I let myself get worked up about work and I am stinking worried right now.   The good news just isn’t all that good right now so I have a stomach head ache – yes, I just said that.  And, what’s that?  It’s not good to worry…the future is supposed to be precarious and secretive….? What’s that, you say?  When I worry it means I am not trusting?   What’s that?  Today I actually called my chiropractor shortly after leaving his office because he said he was hiring an office manager?  What’s that –  he had already offered the position to someone shortly after I left and shortly before I called?  Um, yeah…all of those are true.  I wish I had some more optimistic hope-filled truth right now like these sweet flowers I doodled but I’m just not there yet.

floral doodle


One response

  1. Dan

    Do you want me to check with Intrawest or Vail Resorts to see if they’re looking a really sweet, loyal, talented girl?

    I won’t mention you’re hot…

    March 31, 2009 at 10:24 p

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