taking strides in snow and spring

Well, spring break is ticking down to the final hours.  Lots of sleep, skiing, and relaxing coupled with lots of anxiety, moping and denial.

Prior to the big, bad news, we let Pat talk us into taking some turns at Vail.  Didn’t I say we were crossing our fingers for a giant spring storm?  Well, lucky, lucky us!  At this point, most people know the weather in Denver and the mountains was great – so much snow!   I know I already said this once this week but Thursday had the most snow I’ve ever skied.

Check out Dan and Pat just off the trail.  It was KNEE DEEP!

knee deep

Then the snow picked up even more – here’s Pat blazing through the powder.

face up, Pat!

Dan’s turn

Danger Dan

I got the news about school on our way back to Denver so the next 24 hours seemed pretty bleak.   The dogs tried to cheer me and they did look funny in the snow.  ( I added a quick video of Quattro in the snow, you can find in on the right side panel. )

snow wrestle

snow dog

Q on the go

Even after I got the good news on Saturday, I was still a little slow to start back up into doing again.  This note to self finally snapped me back into reality.

note to self

So I did.  I took a walk and did some of this…

self pic squint

and saw lots of snow – hoooray

under snow

and found chirping birds in the cherry tree blooms.  Aren’t they sweet?

birds of a feather

flock together

rockin robin

tweet, tweet, tweet

all puffed up

This snow in our yard reminds me of when I was a kid.   I would play in the backyard so I could keep the front silky smooth and I got mad when the other kids would mess it up.

white blanket

I love the glimmers.


So, eventhough this spring break was full of glimmers and a few lack luster moments, I can’t wait to get to school and give those kiddos a hug.


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