in limbo

Stomach turning.  Stomach turning…stomach….ache.

My stomach hurts when I worry.   Right now, I am worried.

Long, LONG story short :  The private day treatment school I work at announced yesterday that it will be dissolved as of Tuesday, March 31st.  On Wednesday, April 1, it will re-open under the umbrella of a local school district.

The change is good for the school and the kids, however, there will be staff cuts.  We do not know who will be kept on as a temp. employee of the district.  I will loose my insurance and no one will be paid for the last two weeks of work.  I will work Monday and Tuesday and I might not have a job on Wednesday.  Ache, turn, hurt….


UPDATE: Saturday, March 28th

I talked with the Executive Director for our school this morning and he told me that the school district WILL take all of our current employees! Big Relief!  We don’t know more about getting paid for the last two weeks but we will go on Cobra insurance on Wednesday.  Things will be okay…


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