it got sunny


* artwork by Elise Blaha from enJOY design

Well, this break started out more as a “hit the ground groaning” sort of a day.  I spent all Friday morning feeling all sorts of sick.  It was awful but a little sickness then sleep plus a Jayhawk’s win and I was back in the game.
I spent some fun time in Longmont loving on some flea markets and some photo worthy sites and then I ended up at the giant warehouse Crocs sale.  Don’t judge me.  I love a good deal and $5 for Crocs is a good deal no matter how you slice it.  We finished up this crazy day over dinner with friends and some Wii golf and bowling.

Saturday was a low day but it was full of sleep which was definitely on the “to do’s” so I will count that as a win as well.

Sunday has been go, go, go with another Jayhawks victory in the bag (sweet 16, baby!) and a good time downtown with Dan’s aunt and cousin in town from VA.  We enjoyed a great meal and then rushed home to tidy up and pack it up.  The weather is HOT – as in 80 degrees hot but we are trading it in for what we hope (fingers crossed) is a great spring storm in Steamboat Springs.  They say 9 inches tonight and equal that for tomorrow so time will tell because they may or may not have lied to us before.  My vote, no fog and I’ll be happy!

Ok, Dan’s giving me the “Honnnnnnney” signal from downstairs so I will leave you with these fun finds from the Longmont Western Sugar Beet Company factory/plant.  Sugar beets, who knew?

door colores

beat up beet plant

sugar silos

Lots of love to you for a fine Monday!  Be back Tuesday with many new photos to endure, errr….devour!


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