green splash

I never pictured myself working with students with special needs but around last year’s St. Pat’s day marked the beginning of my current teaching world.  I tried teaching in the past but I really never saw myself working with special needs students.  I told myself I would not like it.  However,  just like Sam I Am prescribes in good old Green Eggs and Ham, all I had to do was try, try it and I may.  I do like special ed.  I do!  Really though, taking this job and liking this job has taught me more about myself and it has helped me see that there are a lot of things I am afraid to try for no good reason.  Shame on me!  I need to try more green eggs and ham!

And, LUCKY for us, I currently have some ham soaking in a green bath just waiting to be joined by green eggs for our Sam I Am snack on this St. Patty’s Day!


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