Springs Vs. Springs (and a winner)

tree views

tree tops

So last weekend I had the privilege of being in Palm Springs, California to visit my family.  This weekend I had the great pleasure of being in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to do some skiing.  What follows is a little thing I like to call “Battle of the Springs:  Palm Springs vs. Steamboat Springs”.  So diverse and so wonderful in their own ways.

toes vs boots

feet extremes



splish swish

splish swish



This pairing of photos reminds me of the project called 1828 where two sisters, who live 1828 miles apart, take a daily photo and post it side-by-side.  You can see it here.  Kind of makes me wish I had a sister.

And last but not least – I have a winner for the sea glass charm There were lots of visitors but you all must be shy need more practice at this whole givaway things because there were only a few comments.  JODIE ALLEN, you are the lucky http://www.random.dan winner of the charm.  Congrats, I will get your gift in the mail ASAP!  Be sure to check out her fun, fun blog,  a mom and her camera and her great photo website, jodified.


One response

  1. OOH! I NEVER win giveaways!!! I am SO excited!

    Thank you!!!

    March 10, 2009 at 5:26 p

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