My Ma-Ma

Palm Springs was but before I get into the here and there of that, I want to take time out to mark this day.  This 4th of March is a critical day in the world because on this day, 77 years ago, my Ma-Ma was born.

my Pa-Pa, Ma-Ma and mom

my Pa-Pa, Ma-Ma and mom

Ma-Ma taught me the ways of the shopping world and still makes sure I always have my back-to-school clothes.  She has perfected the art of wrapping up the most expected, unexpected Christmas and birthday surprises.  She is a snappy dresser, a jewelry goddess, and a Diet Dr. Pepper drinking fanatic.  Everyone envies her cakes and pies (just leave out the chocolate kinds!) and her Christmas decor.  My Ma-Ma is the sweetest, most considerate, bossy little lady you have ever met!  And I know we are all better because of her.

Christmas 08

Christmas 08

Ma-Ma, Happy Birthday!  I think you take the cake and I’m so glad I got to spend another birthday week with you!

fondant lemon cake!

fondant lemon cake!

I’ll always be your cheetie.

Love, Jennifer


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