Daily Grind

view from the bathroom door

view from the bathroom door

Here are a few noteworthy blogs I have found recently.  Each of them speak to things that apply to me daily.

*Six Until Me is a blog about author Kerri and her life involving Type 1 diabetes.  If you have ever wondered what living as a diabetic feels like – tune in to her recent vlog, Sum Low Vlogging, about having a low blood sugar.  Scary acurate (like right now I am mad because I just brushed my teeth and then checked my blood sugar.  It’s low which means I will need to eat before I go to bed…I JUST BRUSHED MY TEETH!).

*The Marraige Mix is a NEW blog written by a fellow Truman State friend, Cara.  She has another fun blog but the marraige one provides great insight for young and old couples alike.

*I also enjoy getting to know Jody (from Missouri!) through her blog, jodified.  She shares stories of being a mom and running a photography business (and blog!)   My friend Erin shares a similar life on her blog this and that.  While I do not live the life of a mom, I do enjoy hearing about their small business in photography and I can still relate to the crazy ways of their artistic brains.

clean laundry palette

clean laundry palette

out the window tonight

out the window tonight


2 responses

  1. Jen-
    Did you know Jody (from the blog you posted, Jodified), went to Truman? I played on the lacrosse team with her for a year (after which I quit…she kept playing =] ). Her husband, Chris, lived across the hall from me freshman year in Centennial…he was Kevin Beckner’s roommate.

    March 2, 2009 at 11:47 p

  2. Jen

    Kelly – HELLO! Thanks for stopping by. I had no idea Jody went to Truman. I found her through Erin’s site and I just thought it was a St. Louis thing. I love it when we really do live in a small word.

    March 4, 2009 at 3:21 p

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