I’d Rather Be A Benchwarmer

hopscotch me

hopscotch me

Today was a “if you don’t stop talking/throwing/doing nothing/doing that thing/standing on the chair/sitting on that table/my brain might explode/oops, it just did” sort of a day.  I was the very unlucky chosen one that got to work upstairs with the big kids with the big, big problems and attitudes today.  I constantly had to remind myself that, with my previous teaching experience, I was the “best suited one of the bunch” and that I was “taking one for the team” but it was really hard because I really just wanted to be downstairs with my favorite little team of kooky kids.  I missed our little disfunctional family.  It was a terribly loooooong day but Friday will be a little better even though I will still be on the other team in the morning.  I need to go to bed so I can restock all of my nicey nice faces and thoughts because right now I am just all SOLD OUT.  Ok, rah, rah, go team…what does that spell? F-R-I-D-A-Y!

team crazy

team crazy


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