sweet talk

pearly whites

pearly whites

tree tops

tree tops

This morning at school, I got to be the lucky bagel runner.  I was awed by the morning light on the pearly white mountain tops and the flatirons.  Shh, don’t tell but I couldn’t resist pulling over to get a few shots on the way back to school.  I also paid for my little detour in the form of a left turn coffee spilling mishap.  Let’s just say that I don’t think my floor mats were designed to handle a whole “darn good” cup of coffee all over them.  Now my car smells like day old vanilla hazelnut which is not exactly pine fresh!

This afternoon, we mixed things up at school and let the kids watch a movie while we made them heart-shaped pancakes.  And, once again, J takes the cake as the funniest kid ever because she always calls them “PANNYCAKES!”).



Today was a really fun day with the kids and tomorrow we have a teacher work day, score!  I’ll be takin’ off early to head out of town to Taos with Dan and another couple.  We have two ski days and a bed and breakfast planned in the super Southwest!

fun dipper

my fun dipper, hA!

I hope you all have a sweet Valentine’s Day and get your fill of sugar.


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