say cheeeeeeeeeessse

my new friend!

my new friend!

Well, well, well… As you know, I had a sudden and tragic good-bye with my old camera.  Over a month later, after a brief encounter with a rebound camera (bleh!), I am pleased to announce my hope and news.  Introducing (drum roll, please!) my new Canon G9 camera!  I am completely inexperienced with a camera this cool but, rest assured, I will be spending some quality time getting to know this little beauty.  The above picture is in my car just after I picked it up from the post office, tore the box open, popped in the memory card and gave it a whirl.  I actually said “whoo hoo” to the mail lady when she handed me the package.  I am not the least bit excited, nope, no way!

And since I will have so many images to share, can anyone out there tell me more about the Flickr Pro account?  I have a Flickr account but I haven’t used it in awhile because my image capacity was limited, etc.  Is the $24.95 worth it?

And a big, big thank you to my parents for being the go-between for this from Missouri to Colorado.  I couldn’t have done it without you!


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