“Gertrude, sounds like those steamboats on the Missouri River…”

Disclaimer:  Aunt Lisa, this is a must read, must see post.  I won’t even be subliminal here – you all HAVE to come ski with us!  This goes for anyone else who wants to take a trip to Colorado, even in the summer!  We would love to have you!

Here I am!  We are back and back in the swing of things from our skiing weekend in Steamboat Springs.  We rolled ourselves out of bed at a crazy 4:30am on Saturday to make the 3 hour drive.  I may or may not have slept most of the drive.  There was a lot of snow – so much that I had a hard time skiing well which made for a long day.  It was also strangely foggy due to the warmer temp. which also made it tricky to maneuver.  Oh, FYI, Steamboat has no microwaves on the mountain so if you bring frozen burritos in your pack, you are going to have to pay $27.00 for chili and a baked potato in the Thunderhead food court.  In addition, it may or may not have rained in the afternoon.  I went in for coffee at this point while Dan closed down the lifts.

We had a fun, fun time staying at the classic Rabbit Ears Motel (named after Rabbit Ears Pass).  We brought the dogs along and they romped around in all of the snow and then passed out.  I checked out the sites in downtown while Dan caught some ZZZZZ’s back at the hotel (I got a nap earlier, remember?)

Sunday morning we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow which was great because they needed some padding for that mashed potato and creamy butter stuff that became of the rain soaked snow.  Turns out it actually snowed A LOT!  According to the reports – it snowed 21 inches at the summit.  That is a whole buncha snow!  I may or may not have had a really hard time skiing in all of that powder, especially since I was so stinkin’ sore from the day before’s poor form.  I left Dan on the Black Diamonds to make my own turns on the nicely groomed but still fluffy Blues.  At this point it was still very foggy but the sun made a few short -lived appearances.  I may or may not have become slightly obsessed with the freaky looking trees on the slopes.  I spent most of the morning ski-photographing where I would ski with one glove on holding my poles and my camera in the other hand.  I’m talented like that.  Seriously though, some of the trees looked just like coral in the ocean.  There was so much snow/frosty ice on the branches it was weird.  I also love that Steamboat has aspens because it makes for very, very fun tree skiing.

We closed down our day in the last lift lines on the Sundown Express and then headed for the car.   We got a great recommendation for a dinner spot in downtown and enjoyed our meal at Mahogany Ridge.  We may or may not have been starving because our burgers tasted like gold and, yes, gold tastes good.

Here is a brief (only 1:26min) video of my favorite photo moments set to The All American Rejects tune, Mona Lisa. Enjoy!


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