snow dust

snow dust

We took some kiddos to the National Western Stock Show today and had a hootin’ hollerin’ of a good time and we didn’t even have to wear a coat.  It’s January and the temperature has been in the 70’s the last three days.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a great sunny day but come on people-where is the snow?   This is Denver for crying out loud and Dan and I have invested a whole bucket of our lives and pocketbooks to those things called mountains and slopes to be more exact.  We made it up to Copper this past weekend and had a lovely time because it was calm and clear but WARM.  The snow was terrible but I did manage to catch a shot of some snow “dust” falling from a tree and that was the closest thing we got to fresh powder.  Should I tell you now that my deep down secret wish for every day I wake in the wintertime is to have a massive blizzard?  I think blizzards are the best and I wouldn’t complain one little bit if everything got shut down including Walmart and we had to drink expired Soy Milk from King Soopers.  I say this because is has happened-it did happen and I wish, wish it would happen again.  Please excuse my rant.

last lights

last lights

In other news, I am currently smack dab in the middle of a household revamp.  I have moved, shifted, and messed everything up pretty good in hopes that I will eventually make things fit better.  More to come on that topic as things progress and I move this filing cabinet out of the middle of the hall.

I also did a giant grocery run recently where I spent over three hours planning meals and shopping.  When all was said and done, I had an entire trunk full of groceries and I was hungry.  So instead of heading home to prepare a meal, I bought myself a hot dog, diet coke, and a churro from Costco (don’t worry, I took plenty of insulin for that one).

So, here’s to hot days in January, making messes, and $2.72 dinners from Costco.  Yuck.


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