Red, White and Bottum


Whatever side you are on, you can have some fun making your photo into an “Obamicon” .  I couldn’t resist making a few of my own cheesy puns with our pics.  The site is a little slow on getting your registration up but go ahead and make your own poster perfect renditions of Shepard Fairey’s artwork.   Go check it out for yourself right here!

This next bit goes along the same lines as the words from the ever popular Dooce today.

Today at school during lunch we had the TV on for the Inauguration.  I was seated next to “J” and she was going on and on about her lunch and mine.  I wasn’t paying a whole bunch of attention to her until I started noticing a pattern in something she was saying.  I was pretty sure I heard her correctly so I asked her to tell me what the man’s name on the TV was.  She promptly repeated what I had already heard her say which was completely hilarious.

Did you know that Barack Obama’s name is actually Wok Abottum?  Well, neither did I.

Then J went on to explain that she was going to pour her milk on Wok Abottom’s face.  (Don’t worry, it’s not personal.  She often talks about eating our faces so I guess pouring milk on his face is actually not such a bad thing).  After I stopped laughing, I tried to tell J that it is not ok to pour milk on peoples’ faces – especially not Wok Abottum’s – but I don’t think she heard me because she was already talking about eating my cookie and going to gym.  Oh well.   That kid so stinkin’ funny!

And with that, I will say, “Welcome, Wok Abottum!”  I wouldn’t wish your position on anyone and I can only imagine these next four years will have lots of milk-on-your-face kinds of days.   I am grateful that you are willing to step up to the plate.   I am always up for change so I will embrace the new hope and ideas ahead.

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