Christmas Rewind

Things have been a little quiet around here.  I haven’t had as many fun pictures to share because my newest camera makes leaves me uninspired.  I am working on that problem though and I think hope is on the way.  This weekend has many things in store and I am excited to jump into them tomorrow. 

I just browsed thru some past pictures and realized I never shared one of my most favorite Christmas creations.  Remember these beauties from our trip to San Diego?  Well, I knew the moment I picked them up on the shore that they would be given new life as jewelry gifts.  I have never really ventured into the jewelry department of art but I figured what the heck!  I did my homework and studied up on Etsy to get some ideas and then I just jumped right in.  I found some sterling silver jewelry wire and jump rings/hoops at Hobby Lobby and with needle nose pliers in hand, I created six different sea glass charms. 

I found some inspiration from these shops: 

Sea Find Designs

Shorelines Sea Glass

And this is what I made!

mom's necklace

mom's necklace

This was my biggest piece and it ended up looking like a heart which of course was perfect for my mom!  I made some dark green and dark brown ones as well but I didn’t think to get a picture of them before giving them away. 

mom and me

mom and me

**see what I mean about this camera-with no flash it is always blurry and with the flash the colors are ALL off.  Bleh.


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