Recent Discoveries

pandora interface

pandora interface

1.  I am loving Pandora Radio right now.  You may have already heard about it but it is new to me and I am loving the free streaming radio station that I create – no downloads, just click and go.  I read a quote that said Pandora Radio is “the best site for discovering new music and listening to what you like.”  My current favorite is a Coldplay/U2/The Fray/Keane mix, it is perfect background music. 

2.   I can actually wear my hair in a ponytail again for the first time since this happened!  Whahoo!

peppermint bliss

peppermint bliss

3.  Peppermint (candy cane) ice cream and thin mint-like cookies are really awesome together! 

4.  You can actually walk in our basement again.  I spent all afternoon rearranging the tetris like puzzle of boxes and furniture and now, after several failed attempts and  5 hours of my life today, you can actually sit on the couch and hang out while Dan tunes his skis.  This has been a long time coming. 



5.  I recently became obsessed with these silly hippo chip clips.  I saw one of the “hungry, hungry hippo”  look alikes at Target before Christmas but decided to think about it and when I went back to claim one, it was gone.  Apparently they are all the rave because despit my mom and I’s quest to find one, three Targets later we were without that hippo!   I caved and ordered two for me and one for my mom online from Kitchen Kapers.  My coffee bag is officially the cutest one out there! 

Tings are cool, mon

Tings are cool, mon

6.  Did you know that Tings are seriously similar to Cheetos?  I have known about Pirate’s Booty for a while but I just discovered this snack by Robert’s American Gourmet and the bag does not lie – “Good Tings come to those who wait!”  For real though you should check out this natural alternative to regular chips.  They are good and good for you.


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