“chicken legs and candy corn, oh what a world it would be.”

dots galore

dots galore

from Etsy shop "hellohandmadepaperie"

from "hellohandmadepaperie"

So somehow I made it into this new year without a 2009 calendar.  I have drooled over a few and I really like the first one above from Target.  It screams my name with the graphic looking polka dots on it.  I have also admired the second one with the dandelions on it from hellohandmadepaperieon Etsy. (I apparently have a thing for dandelions now)  This cool little shop is a collaboration between two artists -one of them does the calligraphy and the other one does the illustration. 

When I first read about the artists and how they collaborate, it made me think about my last true collaboration art project from a drawing class in college.  I worked with my friend Erin on a dream drawing assignment and between our two wacky sleep deprived dreams we came up with one very ugly project that included oil pastel drawings of chicken legs (like KFC syle) and candy corn.  I have no idea how we ended up with those things in our drawing and we thought it was the most terrible thing we had ever created except for one thing; our crazy, free-spirited-from-the-bay-area professor absolutely ADORED it.  She loved it so much, she asked to keep it and she hung that sucker up in her office.  We just about fell over dead from laughter the first time we saw it hanging up in there!  I would give a pretty penny today for a picture of that stinkin’ thing.  It was so ugly, trust me.  Wow, all that to say that I think that calendar above is quite lovely.

So yea, choosing a calendar is a big deal because I have to  get to look at it for 365 days.  Actually, at this rate, we’re looking at 359 days but you get the point.  What is your favorite calendar? Do you get the same kind every year or wait for one to jump out at you? 

p.s. Speaking of being a little on the tardy side, please excuse my “December” header above.  I love, love my new computer but it takes a little time to get moved-in if you know what I mean so my design software is still a little lacking.  I promise January will be great as soon as it gets um, created.  Ok, I’m done apologizing now.


One response

  1. I love my Google calendar. They just need to add some skins like they did to Gmail.

    January 7, 2009 at 8:30 p

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