welcome 2009

welcome 2009

Well,  hello(!)  New Year.  

To 2008,  you got better as you went along. 

To 2009, well…you know I have never been super great at setting goals for myself because I think I have a deep down fear of not actually accomplishing my goals.  So, rather than setting them and then being disappointed in myself, I just usually opt not to set them.  I know that rationale is completely rediculous but I still find myself falling into that pattern.  So I guess my # 1 goals this year is to set goals or deadlines or things to work towards and actually go after them.  And with that, I also need to expect less because sometimes things don’t always turn out as expected AND THAT’S OKAY!   There, I said it….now, if I could just figure out what in the heck I actually want to do, things would really start to come together!  

Something else that might help me get started on this whole approach to 2009 thing  – “do a little bit a lot of the time”

Okay, I think that’s all the goal making my little brain can handle for the moment.  What about you?  What new ideas has 2009 brought to you?


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