I Celebrate The Day

I have to admit that my head is spinning right now.
Wednesday was our last day at school and today I spent today with my co-workers from our classroom.  Since most of our special needs kids are in foster care, we like to make sure that they each one experience a very, very special Christmas.  We pooled our money and we spent all day making a list, shopping, wrapping, and delivering gifts to each of our kids.  The process was fun and I was excited to pick things out that I knew the kids would really love but at the end of the night, after 10 hours of playing Santa, I was a little disheartened.

I am very thankful that we were all able to have a hand in caring for these kids both in school and in their home life for the holidays but something inside me just felt a little sad.  We went to each of their homes and, overall, I saw that these kids were and ARE happy even despite their circumstances.  I knew I would feel different after getting a peek into each of their lives outside of school and all of our 9 kids were all a little taken aback by our presence in their non-school life.

It was weird…and good…and hard…and good.

I would like to think that our gifts will really make a difference and change things for our kids but, deep down, I know that our presents are just things and things don’t really change life.  I do know that our real presents are found in our presence in their lives.  I also know that no amount of presents or presence from us will ever equal the amount of love Jesus has for these kids.

I know that is true.

And, I guess, I am realizing that all of that truth is a little overwhelming.

“And with the Christmas wish is missed, the point I could convey…”

(I think this song sums up some of the words that I’m having trouble finding right now.)

*I Celebrate the Day by Relient K and video by Kristin at vikefan37


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