No Strings Attached


photo by marce_garal

Dan and I went to a 90 minute presentation offering us tempting vacations for the low, low price of our soul.  I played the nice guy and Dan played the bad guy.  I was the engaging, interested customer and Dan was the hard sell.   It was kinda fun.  They made us many outstanding, unreasonable offers because everyone likes to go on vacation, right?  We agreed that we loved to vacation and then we said NO.  We walked away with our free $100 gift card to Red Lobster, our free $30 gas card, our free $25 American Express card, and our FREE 2 NIGHT StAY IN STEAMBOAT SPRINGS!  All that great stuff just for saying “yes, we will come”, and “no, we will not buy”.  We even refused to give our friends names (man, did that make them mad!)  All of those things will go nicely with the 6 days of lift tickets for Steamboat we have on our Ski Pass this year.  Thank you Ski and Snowboard Expo-that was like taking candy from a baby.  Which, by the way, Dan would have to do that because I play the nice guy, remember?


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